Connectiv Innovation drives the end-to-end innovation process. We help our clients move rapidly through ideation to commercialization so that they can realize first-mover advantages with new and often unforeseen opportunities, utilizing cutting-edge technology. With our engagement, clients are able to deliver innovation to market with a higher success rate, more quickly and at a lower cost than is currently being achieved. 



About Us

Connectiv is a highly specialized end-to-end technology innovation consulting firm that is ideally suited towards those who are serious about achieving first-mover status. This requires increasing the speed of attaining tangible results while reducing the risks and barriers that are commonly experienced in innovation efforts today.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we have services and leading-edge tools that will help you get there more successfully at lower cost and with less risk. Our approach builds an ecosystem (connected set of partners with a shared goal) that targets your specific needs to get you to the next step faster, better, smarter than anything you have experienced before.

What differentiates us versus our competitors is our values and proven capabilities. Rather than looking to make our clients reliant on us, we prepare them and their supporting partners to be successful and self-able.

Check out our services – they can be engaged individually or in bundles from ideation through market adoption, whichever is most appropriate for you at this stage in your journey.

Committed. Authentic. Caring. Positive. 

Jonathan Landon   President & Founder

Jonathan Landon President & Founder

Jonathan is the President and Founder of Connectiv Innovation Corporation. In founding the company Jonathan is fulfilling a personal mission to make a tangible difference in the effectiveness of Canadian innovation.

Prior to Connectiv, Jonathan held several senior-level leadership positions at Kimberly-Clark for 20+ years, including several years as Global Head of IT Strategy, & Innovation.

Jonathan has implemented innovative technology in over 50 countries and played key leadership roles in a diverse range of projects ranging from starting up a business in China to divesting a $2 Billion global Health Care business.

Tamara Doerksen   Associate Principal  

Tamara Doerksen Associate Principal 

Tamara has broad experience in multiple industries, including over two decades of expertise in Executive Consulting supporting senior business  executives on topics including Business Strategy, Process  Improvement, Innovation, Performance Metrics,  and Business Development.

She has successfully launched and grown multiple businesses in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and has coached and mentored other entrepreneurs. 

Tamara  is recognized for her strong project management expertise and ability to execute, having managed large-scale, transformational initiatives for industry icon KPMG.

Marguerite Fleming ,  President & Founder,  Innovation Culture Group

Marguerite Fleming, President & Founder, Innovation Culture Group

Marguerite is a Creativity and Innovation consulting, coaching and training expert focused on creating new growth and solving tough problems for clients using the proprietary Actionable Innovation System.

Marguerite understands that organizations need fresh, creative ideas to keep ahead of rapid market changes and brings practical, cutting-edge strategies to the table on behalf of her clients.

Marguerite is an advocate for her clients and wants to see them succeed in driving innovation to solve problems and grow their business.