Our Services 

We provide a full service M&A experience, rather than just a transaction. We specialize in bringing your experience and success to the Canadian marketplace in an honest and caring manner. Leveraging our relentless focus on innovation, we will get you first to market, while de-risking your investment. Supported by a depth and balance of global and entrepreneurial experience and a strong ecosystem of partners, we will bring your business, product, or service online in Canada faster and with a higher level of certainty and care than you will experience anywhere else. 

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Our full suite of M&A services include:

Research - Industry, market, scientific & regulatory

Comprehensive due diligence

Transaction planning & execution

Business, product, and service builds

Operational readiness

Realizing your vision

Leaving a legacy

We drive the end-to-end innovation. We help our clients move rapidly through ideation to commercialization so that they can realize first-mover advantages with new and often unforeseen opportunities, utilizing cutting-edge technology. With our engagement, clients are able to deliver innovation to market with a higher success rate, more quickly and at a lower cost than is currently being achieved. 



Digital strategy development

Transformation of business strategies to more profitable digital business strategies.


Converged technology research

Forward leaning, targeted technology research mapped to market and organizational readiness.



Execution of a proven methodology and tools to identify innovation concepts ready for immediate action



Learn crowdsourcing best practices and how to leverage the crowd to elevate the most promising ideas.


Proof of concept

Increase the speed while decreasing the risks associated with creating a minimum viable product or service.



Rapidly commercialize minimum viable products or services to achieve first-mover status and scale.