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TOR Quantum Computers for CIOs

  • Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC) 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON, N2L 3G1 Canada (map)

Toronto Chapter Members are encouraged to attend the upcoming event

The Opportunities and Impacts of Quantum Computing for CIOs Everything you need to know

Quantum computers present a range of opportunities, as well as risk and governance issues for CIOs.   Attendees will be provided with insight into the new security challenges that will arise with evolving quantum technologies and what needs to happen to protect ourselves from security threats such as viruses, fraud and identity theft. The visit will include tours
of IQC laboratories and a networking reception with researchers.

Speaker Michele Mosca is globally recognized for his drive to help academia, industry, and government prepare our cyber-systems to be safe in an era with quantum computers while taking advantage of their useful applications.

Special note: The events team is considering arranging for transportation to the event.  Pick points could be determined based on the responses.  When registering for the event, members will be asked about interest in this service.  Please register and respond by May 14.

About the Speaker:


Founder of University of Waterloo's effort in quantum computing, with the support of the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research, St. Jerome's University, and his home department, Combinatorics & Optimization (C&O),Michele Mosca is currently Full Professor and University Research Chair in the C&O Department of the Faculty of Mathematics. He also has cross-appointments in Computer Science and Physics & Astronomy. He is co-founder and Director of CryptoWorks21, a training program in quantum-safe cryptography. He also initiated the Quantum Cryptography Summer School for Young Scientists (QCSYS) at IQC.

Michele has made major contributions to the theory and practice of quantum information processing, particularly in the areas of quantum algorithms, techniques for studying the limitations of quantum computers, quantum self-testing and private quantum channels.  His current research interests include quantum computation, cryptographic tools designed to be safe against quantum technologies, and software tools for quantum information processing systems.

Dr. Mosca holds at BMath from UW, and MSc and DPhil degrees from Oxford University.

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