Begin your journey at Connectiv Innovation

We're looking for people to join the team who are  as excited as we are to help build innovation in Canada and empower the future generations of creators and innovators. We believe that the right team fit is as important as the right client fit, and that providing our team with extraordinary growth and development experience is as important as driving business growth.

Our ideal candidate will embody our core values, take initiative, have great energy, create a positive branding impression and generate brand awareness. 

Our Core Value

  • Committed: Fully engaged with relentless drive and dedication. 
  • Authentic: True to our Character and with each other. 
  • Caring: About what really matters, our journey, and those we share it with. 
  • Positive: Emitting energy that generates meaningful, lasting outcomes. 

If we live all of these, we will experience something exceptional! 


Current Positions

B2b - Inside Sales

This role requires someone who is highly motivated and driven by success with a sales hunter mentality. The inside sales specialist will be focused on the acquisition of new customers for Connectiv Innovation.