Sharing Preliminary Research with the Conference Board of Canada

Connectiv Innovation and Ryerson University will soon publish research that provides new insights into the role of intergovernmental collaboration in building Canada’s business innovation ecosystem.   The study focuses on the practical challenges faced by leaders in federal, provincial, and municipal governments to work together to create an environment that is conducive to business innovation.  The study is led by Dr. Andrea Rowe and supervised by Dr. Linying Dong at Ryerson.

Recently, we were invited to share our preliminary findings with the Conference Board of Canada's (CBoC) Council for Innovation and Commercialization at the new waterfront OCAD campus.  Building on their evidence-based research, expertise and advocacy efforts, we hope to continue facilitating an open dialogue leading to pragmatic recommendations.

Thank you to Janice Francisco and the CBoC for providing this opportunity, for their active engagement (this group has serious intellect in innovation and business) and feedback. 

We also like to thank them for the donation to the Cure for Cancer on our behalf.