Innovation Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes? Part 2/2


In the January 2018 TechConnex Innovation Peer Group, Marguerite McLeod-Fleming, Founder and CEO of Innovation Culture Group, highlighted one of the key elements of successful innovation – being able to accurately identify a team member’s relative strengths and blind spots in the innovation process.  Organizations that have a good sense of the strengths of their teams are best able to predict, with reasonable confidence, how their employees perform.

Marguerite presented how the Innovation Strength Preference Indicator (ISPI) assessment tool from HumanGrid can be used to develop teams in three ways:

  • When forming innovation teams, and breakthrough innovation teams specifically.
  • Helping existing teams understand the strengths and potential blind spots that impact performance – then creating a common language and rules of engagement for teams;
  • Organizational culture development - building a more inclusive culture promotes a better understanding of the invisible differences that contribute to and build more inclusive teams that perform well.

The power in the ISPI tool is felt by the individual by gaining a better understanding of their personal motivators and within team’s context by taking a structured approach to ensuring the right mix of individuals and motivators are brought together and in relative balance.  

To effectively leverage the ISPI tool, teams and organizations begin with determining the type of project they are looking to accomplish. They then form the project team with people who have the right strengths and who will perform well together to achieve the greatest possible output.  When done well, the ISPI fosters an inclusive organizational culture and leverages the strengths of individuals, teams, and organizations to improve innovation results.

The ISPI identifies a continuum of innovation outcomes, depending on the project ranging from evolutionary innovation, which is incremental in nature, to revolutionary innovation, which are new-to-the-world ideas.  The ISPI helps determines which skills and personality traits are most appropriate at each stage of the innovation continuum. 

If you are experiencing change or want to pursue an innovation mandate, the ISPI should be considered to help you maximize the effectiveness of your people to achieve the greatest possible commercialized innovative output. 

To find out more about the tool and how it can help your organization to realize your true innovative potential, please contact Marguerite at 416-526-0101 or