Sharing Preliminary Research with the Conference Board of Canada

Connectiv Innovation and Ryerson University will soon publish research that provides new insights into the role of intergovernmental collaboration in building Canada’s business innovation ecosystem.   The study focuses on the practical challenges faced by leaders in federal, provincial, and municipal governments to work together to create an environment that is conducive to business innovation.  The study is led by Dr. Andrea Rowe and supervised by Dr. Linying Dong at Ryerson.

Recently, we were invited to share our preliminary findings with the Conference Board of Canada's (CBoC) Council for Innovation and Commercialization at the new waterfront OCAD campus.  Building on their evidence-based research, expertise and advocacy efforts, we hope to continue facilitating an open dialogue leading to pragmatic recommendations.

Thank you to Janice Francisco and the CBoC for providing this opportunity, for their active engagement (this group has serious intellect in innovation and business) and feedback. 

We also like to thank them for the donation to the Cure for Cancer on our behalf.  

The Importance of Building a High Performance Innovative Team

Have you even wondered if creativity is something that can be taught or is just in our genes? 

At our latest installment of Tech-Connex’s Innovation Peer Group, it was our pleasure to welcome Janice Francisco, Founder and CEO of BridgePoint Effect, a proven, and well recognized innovation consultancy here in Toronto. 

In one of our most interactive sessions to date, Janice led us through a series of hands on and very pragmatic exercises. 

Along the way, Janice shared some great research and from my perspective, proved conclusively during the workshop that we each have innovative capabilities and preferences. 

Gaining awareness of our individual abilities and preferences, learning how to leverage these preferences in team projects, and how to build more effective teams by design, were all key insights Janice led us to better understand.

Interview with Mark D.Penner Partner at Fasken on the New Federal IP Strategy 

Ever wonder how the new federal intellectual property (IP) strategy can drive your innovation? Even more, would you want to know if it impacts the length of time it takes to get a patent approved or discover how to best protect your IP cost-effectively? Check out RDP Associates blog post, where they interviewed Mark D. Penner, an intellectual property (IP) lawyer at Fasken.

Click Here to learn more about how "Canada's IP Strategy focuses on developing Three Key Strategic Pillars":

1.    IP awareness: education and advice

2.    IP tools: for encouraging growth and

3.    Updates: to Canadian IP legislation.






Both speakers brought incredibly valuable insights into the various funding options available for businesses, and how to engage with them. Here are five essential tips from our session for maximizing government funding:  

  1. The decision to apply for a grant should be strategic

  2. Know what funding is available to meet your goals

  3. Timing is everything

  4. What can affect your chances of success?

  5. Understand the problem that the government is trying to solve